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The Food Truck


Food Truck. Mixed media. 1.8 x 2.5 meters of paper.
See also The Making of movie ;) BEST VIEWED LOUD AND AT FULL-SCREEN!! :)

There were a few paintings in the last few years that were painted in a very loose style similar to the current work.

Hello Campers!


The inspiration of the caravan paintings arrived from a conversation with a friend in which we both spent some time living in a small white caravans in our youths when we first located to The Netherlands! The caravans symbolize freedom and adventure.

You Shall Have a Little Fishy on the Little Dishy You Shall Have a Little Fishy When the Boat Comes in.

For many years i have wanted to create some artwork inspired by the Day of the Dead festival held in each year in Mexico. In 2019 I was lucky enough to visit Mexico City during the festivities.

Every now and then i like to visit the coast and take a box of paints with me. The works I make on location are usually small, oil paintings or water colors. I do however take lots of photos and every now and again paint large impressionistic pieces - Land and seascapes.