Sushi Addicts-fishy art



You Shall Have a Little Fishy on the Little Dishy You Shall Have a Little Fishy When the Boat Comes in.

The Sushi Addicts series of work was all inspired by the first painting in the series (below left) Nude with Wine and Hering 2018. A portrayal of Dutch woman to be found on the Arnhem market on Saturday afternoons or as i like to call them "the old salted herring day-drinkers.



After a while the paintings took a clear form. Usually figures, wide open gaping mouths, bobbing for fish. The work starts out colorful en joyous and as the addiction continues the works get darker and the figures less healthy looking. The series ends with Golden Eyes.



The body of work was made up of acrylic and oil paintings, mostly large canvases and a series of small works on paper.